Opening Doors for Work

Since 2000, the Utah Department of Health in collaboration with other state agencies and organizations has worked to increase the employment and health care outcomes for people with disabilities in Utah. Work Ability Utah strives to link employers in the business community with the qualified workforce of people with disabilities. Goals include increased communication, reduction of barriers, and creation a comprehensive system of work incentives and supports for both the employer and the individual with disabilities.

Employment Connection PDF

Like pieces of a puzzle, it can be hard to figure out which pieces you need and where they go. Employment Connections provides a sample of the pieces that can make employment a success. You find information on career training, education, healthcare, housing, utility assistance, Social Security and more! Read the Employment Connections and then find even more support in this Work Ability Utah website.

Business Connection PDF

Hiring qualified people with disabilities can diversify your workforce and improve your bottom line. Read Utah’s Business Connection to connect with qualified applicants, qualify for tax credits, secure bonding, accommodate a newly disabled employee and more. PWDNET, the Utah business relations team, is ready to meet your needs.


Think Beyond The Label

Diversify your workforce. Hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. Think Beyond The Label.


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