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People with disabilities are a qualified and underutilized workforce.

  • By opening your job searches to qualified people with disabilities, you gain access to a new and vital talent pool of workers.
VIDEO: “People want to work”

A healthy workforce includes people with different abilities.

  • A diverse workforce gives you a competitive advantage by adding new ideas, viewpoints and approaches to solving your business challenges.
  • Your employees and customers appreciate diversity.
VIDEO: “Diverse perspectives”

Making accommodations for people with disabilities is usually easy and inexpensive, and can actually carry a return.

  • The average accommodation costs less than $500.
  • Companies earn an average return of $28.69 for every dollar invested in making an accommodation.
VIDEO: “Accommodations can be simple”

Employing people with disabilities makes good business sense because it has a direct impact on your bottom line.

  • Retention rates among people with disabilities are higher than average thus reducing training costs
  • People with disabilities are loyal customers to businesses who support them. Customers with disabilities control discretionary income of nearly $200 billion (twice the teen market)
VIDEO: “Untapped resources”