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Hiring a Person with a Disability

Who Is Qualified

Employers should not have to feel pressured into hiring anyone not suited for a job. Qualified applicants:

  • Are able to perform the essential functions of a job;
  • Satisfy your job requirements for educational background, employment experience, skills, licenses and any other standards that are job related; and
  • Are able to perform those tasks with or without reasonable accommodations.

For example, a position requiring communication on a two-way radio would exclude candidates who are profoundly deaf. In contrast, it would be reasonable to accommodate a person who has limited use of his/her hands with a headset rather than a traditional hand held radio.

Factors to consider when determining if a function is essential include:

  • Can the work schedule be modified or become part-time?
  • Can I reassign the employee to a vacant position?
  • Can I adjust or modify examinations, training materials or policies?