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Golden Key Award Recipient

Maddox Ranch House

This employer is well known for their excellence in providing fine dining to area residents and many who come from out of the area to enjoy their great meals. Maddox is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has historically gone the extra mile to provide training and opportunities to people with disabilities. They work closely with community resources and agencies who provide specific services to people with disabilities. They offer their business as a training site for Mental Health and transition clients. Maddox provides extra training, flexible scheduling, and some transportation for employees with disabilities.

Maddox managers are trained to work with and help workers with disabilities. They coordinate with community programs who are trained in working with people with disabilities by utilizing services such as job coaches and trainers with expertise in the area of disability. The employees with disabilities work along side all other employees so they do not stand out or feel obvious. Employees with disabilities are included in all functions of the restaurant. Maddox is a progressive employer in all aspects including those related to people with disabilities. They care about all employees, which is evidenced by the provision of an on-site day care center for the children of their employees.