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Close-up of faces of four people in a business meeting. All appear to be in discussion while looking down at the same object.
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Golden Key Award Recipient

Sento Corporation

Sento was founded in 1986 as Spire Technologies. In 1996, Sento Corporation expanded its services from technical support to a full service customer care provider. The company has hired people with disabilities and have gone the extra mile to make accommodations to insure employees have what is needed to do their job.

On an annual basis they hold off-site managerial meetings that include brainstorming sessions. If an employee has mental or physical limitations on the job, they address any accommodations that may be needed. When holding company parties they make sure the site is handicapped accessible. Other accommodations that have been made include the purchase of head sets for hearing impaired, wrist pads for people with carpal tunnel, monitor screens for visually impaired employees, flip down screens for people with migraines, installed an automatic door opener for the restrooms, widened hallways/pathways, lowered counters, and made elevator buttons sensitive to the touch. Many of these accommodations were made for one individual who uses a wheelchair. They are a company that values all individuals and will make whatever accommodations needed to hire qualified employees regardless of race, creed, color or disability.