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Golden Key Award Recipient

Tire King

Mr. Pugliese hires the best person for the job, it doesn’t matter if they have a disability. He has sought out individuals with disabilities as he believes they are more willing to learn and are more loyal employees. All employees are treated equal. If accommodations are needed, they are provided based on the individual need of the employee. Mr. Pugliese goes out of his way to make sure all his employees feel they are a part of the company.

He sought assistance from a community advocate to talk with his employees about people with disabilities and what to expect. Mr. Pugliese is in tune with what is going on in his shop and will not tolerate any mistreatment or disrespect of his employees with disabilities. When he is aware of such incidences, he talks with the offending employee. Mr. Pugliese filmed an advertisement for his business on a local TV station and made sure all employees participated in the commercial. In summary, Mr. Pugliese is the kind of person who takes a day off work to host people with disabilities to a play day on a lake providing a boat, jet ski and food. He offered to make this an annual event.