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Ready To Work?

Job Readiness

Are you ready to work?

Can you make the commitment and have the attitudes needed to begin the process of searching for a job?

VIDEO: “Talent in all shapes & sizes”

The following are some resources to help you in answering these questions:

Workplace Essential Skills is an extraordinary new public television series that teaches the attitudes and competencies necessary for success at work. It airs on Utah’s Learning Channel, KULC, each week.

Workplace Essential Skills focuses on the needs of those who are unemployed, underemployed, or new to the world of work. The series teaches basic job search, reading, writing, math, and communication skills.

Overview of courses- Workplace essential skills

Times and locations-

If you are receiving Vocational Rehabilitation Services your counselor can refer you for a Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation Services is a service within the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation.

They help eligible clients identify their strengths, interests, and capabilities. The evaluation is conducted in a group setting under the supervision of a trained Vocational Evaluator. The results of the evaluation will be used to determine what type of job is right for the client.

The evaluation answers the following questions:

  • What are my academic abilities?
  • What are my work values?
  • What are my job interests?

Contact your vocational rehabilitation counselor for a referral.