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Motion blurred crop of persons midsection while walking through office space with orange construction vest draped over right arm and holding a hard hat in left hand.
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Research On Employer

As you plan for a job that will lead to a career, you should research employers that have the characteristics that you desire. Here are some questions to guide your research:
  • What kind of business is this? What is its product/service?
  • How many people are employed in the company?
  • Where is the local plant/office located?
  • Who is the head of the local business operation (name/title)?
  • What are the requirements for the job for which you are applying?
  • What are the salary ranges for the job?
  • What are the business dress requirements, if any?
  • Do you know if this employer has had any experience in hiring persons with disabilities?

VIDEO: “Don’t give up”

Many of the answers you are looking for can be found on the company’s website.

Helpful Web Sites:
The Workforce Recruitment program for College Students with Disabilities is a resource for businesses nationwide to identify qualified temporary and permanent employees for a variety of fields.