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Resume Development

Why a resume?

  • The resume can serve as an effective job hunting tool.
  • Many employers recognize the value of the resume as a means of securing qualified employees.
  • Properly prepared, a resume helps you to “get a foot in the door”Ð often it is the deciding factor in whether or not you get an interview.
  • Resumes can save you time. You can eliminate interviews with employers who are not in the market for your job qualifications. You can mail your resume to many more employers than you could possibly visit.
  • Preparation of the resume will help you to organize your job search. It will start you thinking about your qualifications and opportunities.
  • Having all the facts at your fingertips will increase your self-assurance. You can discuss your capacities with an employer without fumbling for dates and significant facts.
  • After you have concluded your job interview, your resume can remain with the employer – a visual reminder of what you covered during the interview.
Your resume should include at least the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your home address
  • Your home telephone number
  • Previous work experience and specific employers for whom you have worked and the dates you worked for each employer.
  • Specific skills and/or training that you bring to the job.
  • Your educational experience.
  • School or community activities in which you have participated.
  • Leadership positions you have held in school or volunteer/community organizations.
  • Hobbies or interests you have which might be helpful in better understanding and knowing you.

The resume should be attractive in appearance and should be well-balanced and uncrowded. If possible, it should be kept to one page in length. The material on the resume does not have to be expressed in complete sentences. A cover letter should be submitted along with your resume. View and print an example of a cover letter here.

On-Line Resources on preparing a resume: