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Recreation and Leisure

"All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy"
James Howell's 'Proverbs in English, Italian, French and Spanish' (1659)

As expressed in this proverb, in order to have a well rounded life, you need to have some fun along with everything else in your life. Everyone needs time for hobbies, sports, reading and other activities.

Having fun is good for you. It improves your outlook on life, as well as social skills. Social skills can create a sense of community. There are activities in your community that can give you an opportunity to develop social support networks.

There are different kinds of activities in which to be involved:

  • Family activities
  • Social clubs
  • Sports
  • Specialty clubs (i.e., knitting, book, card playing, etc.)
  • Local church groups
  • Community activities such as plays, haunted houses, sports, etc.

Social experiences and recreation activities provide opportunities for improved physical, mental and spiritual well-being. They may also improve physical functioning, independence, and your self esteem. It is important for you to engage in social outlets in areas of your interests, e.g. arts, crafts, dances and recreational pursuits.

If adapted equipment is needed for you to engage in an area of interest, consider a talking with a physical or occupational therapist. In many circumstances, readily available athletic equipment can be adapted to better serve your needs. The activities you can join are endless.

Many resources are available on the Web, but you can also find those which are in your community in Utah by going to