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Incentives and Tax Credits

Business can access tax credits and incentives when employing people with disabilities. PWDNET, Utah’s Business Relations Team, can assist you in locating the appropriate forms and applying these incentives to your business. Contact the PWDNET Team at (801) 538-7964 or

  • The WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is a federal tax credit of up to $2,400 for a qualifying business. This amount increases up to $9,000 when hiring other targeted populations such as disabled veterans, long term family assistance recipients, etc. Using the WOTC can be facilitated by the PWDNET Team.
  • A business who becomes an Employment Network in the Social Security Ticket to Work program can receive up to $23,000 over a period of several years. The Employment Network provides supports to the employees who have a disability. The PWDNET Team can assist you in this process to become an Employment Network.
  • A business who directly provides specific job training to individuals with disabilities may also utilize On the Job Training. On the Job Training is a program with the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation. Business is reimbursed a training fee based on both the business’s effort and the employee’s needs.
  • Business can also utilize a state tax credit. The Utah Targeted Job Tax Credit (pdf) is for businesses who hire a person with a severe disability. Specific qualifications do apply. The Targeted Job Tax Credit allows employers in the State of Utah to take a credit against the corporate franchise or income tax based on salaries paid to persons with disabilities who work for that employer. The credit is a percentage of the employee’s wages, a maximum of $3,000 per employee during the taxable year. The credit is allowed for the first two years of employment. To learn more about the TC-40 credit, call (801) 538-4498 or

To learn more and find incentives to hire and retain individuals with disabilities see these online national resources:


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VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center - Find more benefits and research on hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities.

Social Security Work Site - Find benefits of going back to work if you are on Social Security benefits or how as an employer you qualify for huge incentives when you hire and retain individuals with disabilities.

National Center on Workforce and Disability - contains information about tax credits that your business or making your place of business accessible to all people.

Disability.Gov - Find out how the ADA affects your business as well as tax provisions that may affect your bottom line.