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Utah Business Diversifies Workforce!

Many Utah businesses are truly models in recruiting, hiring, accommodating and advancing people with disabilities. Many also participate in the Think Beyond the Label campaign to promote hiring and retaining employees with disabilities. To learn how you can think beyond the label, contact Carol Ruddell at (801) 887-9388 or

Other Utah businesses include:

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UBET (Utah Business Employer Team) is Utah's Chapter of the USBLN (U.S. Business Leadership Network). Housed in the local Chambers of Commerce, business leaders work together, business to business, to promote employment of people with disabilities. UBET recognizes and supports best practices in the employment and advancement of people with disabilities; the preparedness for work of youth and students with disabilities; and marketing to consumers with disabilities. To learn more about your local UBET, contact the Chamber of Commerce in your community or the Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities at (801) 887-9392.

Business is also improving their services to the public and their customers. Approximately 1 in every 5 Americans has one or more disabilities - over 400,000 Utahns! As we age, we are even more likely to experience a disability. People with disabilities have incredible purchasing power, frequenting businesses where they feel welcomed and comfortable. Their family and friends will follow.

One way business is marketing to consumers with disabilities is through the Disability Friendly Business designation from the state UBET chapters. A business:

  • Completes an accessibility self assessment of their location(s);
  • Commits to training their employees; and
  • Pays a small fee.

Business is provided curricular materials for their employees and a sticker to prominently display on their business. Business can also access the PWDNET, Utah's Business Relations Team for further training. These Disability Friendly Businesses will then be marketed to organizations serving people with disabilities. To participate in the Disability Friendly Business program, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities at (801) 887-9392.