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Agencies and Providers

People with disabilities want to work. Navigating the myriad of services is not a simple process for many individuals. Assisting individuals with disabilities in obtaining and retaining employment may be necessary. Social Security, Health Care and other benefits are often available, but can also be confusing.

For job seekers needing assistance and information as they search for employment, you will find information about available programs and agencies that may be of help, general disability information, and information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to mention a few. You may also need information about Business and working with employers.

For information additional information, see the following:

Vocational Rehabilitation—The mission of VR is to assist and empower eligible individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain meaningful employment. Vocational Rehabilitation services can include: Counseling and guidance, medical services and treatment, assistive technology, training and education, job placement, and follow up services.

Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach—How is Social Security affected when someone goes to work? What happens to Medicaid? Food Stamps? All public programs are affected by earned income. The extent to which it impacts an individual varies on his or her personal situation. The Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach/WIPA program can help you understand what all this means when you go to work or increase your work hours.

Health Care—Is health care coverage important? Many people fear they may lose Medicaid coverage if they go to work? What options are available? There are a many medical assistance programs for people with disabilities in Utah. Learn more about the many programs that are available and how to apply.

Social Security Administration—The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability programs are the Federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. These two programs are different in many ways. Learn more about what Social Security is and how it effects you.

Job Openings PWDNET—Search for jobs with employers who understand disabilities. These businesses have received training in the application and hiring process. They understand accommodations for people with disabilities.

Department of Workforce Services—Utah's "one stop" for information on finding a job, food stamps, financial services, health care, child care and more. Find your local office.