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Supported Employment

Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach

The Utah Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach (UBPAO) is for persons who receive Social Security. This program provides information to help make an informed choice about work. UBPAO provides you information about how employment may change your benefits from SSA, but also Medicaid, housing, food stamps and other programs. They can assist you with planning how you are supported on the job.

Employment and Business Supports

Are you working but need some additional support? Perhaps a job coach or someone to meet with you and your supervisor? There are several options available to support you.

Employment Personal Assistance Services

EPAS is designed to provide personal assistance for people who may have physical, mental, cognitive, and/or developmental disabilities that are working in integrated, competitive employment. The assistance provided is for personal care tasks directly related to maintaining employment. Personal assistance is a service provided by a person to assist an individual who has a disability, and who because of his or her disability, needs help with personal tasks & daily activities on or off the job to support employment.

Natural Supports: Natural supports are those that occur with co-workers or supervisors in the workplace. They provide assistance on as-needed basis. Working in a team or with a partner is an excellent way to improve efficiency and cross-train employees. Contact your supervisor or Human Resource Manager and discuss how this can work for you.

Medicaid Work Incentive for People with Disabilities who Work

The MWI is designed for people with disabilities who are working, but because of their income and/or assets do not qualify for a "free" Medicaid Card. This Program instead gives a person the option to pay a premium, based on their countable income, to obtain health care with a Medicaid Card.

The same disability eligibility criteria apply however there are several advantages. Earnings can be up to 250% of poverty, higher than the 100% of poverty for regular Disability Medicaid. Resources are not limited to $2000 per person, but rather are up to $15,000. The working person with a disability can also save for retirement, and that retirement account is not counted as an asset even if the person stops working and leaves the MWI. A monthly premium is calculated based on the household countable income, and is 5%, 10% or 15% of the worker's income

Social Security Work Incentives

Ever worry about what happens to your SSI or SSDI check when you go to work? Social Security has many work incentives that help someone return to work or gain new employment. These incentives provide a "safety net": for individuals who work and are on SSA disability benefits. The Redbook contains all the information about these work incentives. The Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach program can help you learn exactly what working means for you and your benefits.

Utah Center for Assistive Technology

UCAT is the statewide resource for Assistive Technology information, equipment review, assessment and modification, and the exploration of assistive technology funding options. UCAT assists individuals and businesses in determining the right assistive technology for an individual to have full access in the workplace.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Businesses can receive a tax credit when hiring someone with a disability and other targeted individuals. Employers can find more information about the Eleven Ways to Earn Income Tax Credits for your Company (pdf)


Looking for a new job? Search for jobs with employers who understand disabilities. These businesses have received training in the application and hiring process. They understand accommodations for people with disabilities.

Work Ability Utah

People with disabilities can work and want to work. Work Ability Utah is designed to assist people with disabilities who receive public benefits such as Medicaid and Social Security, to connect with supports to help them find and maintain employment. Call (877) 246-9675 or visit the website for information on

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