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Dreams and Goals

Life Now: Looks at where you are now in high school.

What You Want: Other experiences you want in high school (i.e., Driver's Ed, Band, Chess Club, etc.).

Adult Life: Looks at what your life will be like after high school.

Know Yourself: Helps you learn more about yourself in order to make informed choices.

Transition is preparing for your life after high school. Your transition plan focuses on your dreams, hopes and goals. Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you want to be doing? How will you get there? Think about your future early. You may want to change and adjust your plans often. Remember you will not "know everything" when you finish high school. You just need to know how to find the information you want.

Transition is more than just connecting to adult agencies, finding a job or learning to ride the bus. Start with your goal in mind. Where do you want to end up? What kind work do you want to do? What skills or training do you need to do that job? Where do you want to call home? What are your health issues? What do you like to do for fun? Are you prepared for your whole life and do you have the skills you need to achieve your goals?

Next look at where you are and what is needed to get you to your goals. Your high school experience can focus on developing the skills you will need to achieve your goals. Start with the classes you are taking.

Find out more information about you, your disability, your strengths, and interests. There are transition assessments that can help.

Now is a good time to start a school portfolio or notebook. You can keep track of how you decided your dreams and goals, information you have used to help you make decisions, and the paperwork showing your successes. Keep notes on the classes you have taken and which classes you want to take. Keep copies of your grades and assessments. Look at your notebook/portfolio regularly. Note any changes and make choices that will lead to more options.