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Adult Life

Adult life includes everything after high school: having a place to call home; training and education; work; leisure time and activities; and the opportunity to connect with others. Additional supports such as health care, financial resources and transportation need to be considered.

Most people will need education and training beyond high school in order to start a well paying career. You can rarely walk into a job without some kind of training. Find ways to get trained for the job you like.

Understanding your health care needs means understanding your health and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Where do you want to live? Do you want to live in a castle in Ireland or on a farm in Bicknell? Do you want to live in a high-rise in the city or a small house in the suburbs? Making a decision about housing may involve setting a goal and planning how to get there.

No one wants to sit at home all the time. In order to go places and do things, you need transportation. It means moving in your community to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Becoming an adult also means being responsible for your finances. You may earn money from employment, or receive a check from Social Security. Deciding how to save or spend your money is important. Careful use of credit cards or loans may be in your future.

Living with a disability involves using self-determination skills. You will need to advocate for yourself. You need to know what your rights are under the Americans with Disabilities Act and when to disclose your disability. You may need to know what help you can receive with assistive technology.