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Know Yourself

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

~E. E. Cummings

Are you shy or outgoing? Are you patient or hyperactive? Are you good at sports or are you good at art? Are you always serious or do you smile a lot? Each person has different aspects to their personality. Sometimes we struggle so hard with school that we forget that there are areas where we excel. Understanding your interests and abilities can help you…

  • make better choices when you are faced with big decisions,
  • set goals for school and career,
  • recognize areas of success,
  • see your potential and improve your worth, and
  • develop mental strength and other skills.

Everyone has strengths and challenges. We need to recognize the things we are good at and identify areas we can improve.

Ways to Learn About Yourself

Learn to recognize your own special set of skills. Together with your parents, friends, educators, school counselors, and others, use this information to help you prepare for the future. You can help to find out information about yourself by going to

Learning about you is a process. Gather information about your disability, aptitudes, personality and interests. Decide what is most important for you. Knowing yourself will help you set goals and make decisions.