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Person-Centered Planning

PCP (Person-centered planning) is a process that looks at your desires, abilities, and needs. It allows you to choose the direction of your life. It involves a group of people who are important to you. This group includes you, family members, friends and professionals. They can help you decide where to go and how to get there.

PCP focuses on your interests, skills, needs, preferences and capabilities. It identifies your vision for the future and develops a plan to move toward that dream. The PCP team identifies the resources you need to move forward and be active in your community.

To learn more about person-centered planning, see the following resources:

  • Parent Brief: Person-Centered Planning a Tool for Transition. See the Spanish Version: A short report of person-centered planning that details the benefits of using this process. The brief also provides action steps to start person-centered planning.
  • Person-Centered Education Site: Summary to person-centered planning and a self-study course going over the basic processes involved. A choice of reading, activities and downloadable resources.
  • Youth Transition Worksheet (xls) (pdf): Worksheet to assess current interests, skills and strengths and gives you direction on person-centered planning.