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What You Want

Education is essential if you are going to be an independent adult. Make sure you get as much education as you can. While you are in high school, you make the decisions to achieve what you want. What do you want to learn? What do you see as your future?

You're in high school and you need to graduate. Let's take some time to determine where you are now. Will any of the classes you are taking earn college credit or help you decide what kind of job you want? Your high school counselor can help you decide which classes might be the best choices. Remember your learning styles. Do your class choices fit your style?

There are required and elective classes to choose from. There are clubs, sports and other social activities to enhance your education. Some students want to get a jump start on college. You may reduce the amount of time it takes to earn a college degree by earning college credits while in high school. Also, it may cost less to take these classes while you are still in high school. Some options you may want to consider are:

Your school may offer these or other programs that can give you more opportunities to earn high school or college credit.

How does your class schedule fit your transition planning? Do your classes prepare you for the real world and your life as an adult? Will you need additional help in some areas?

Self-Determination: Acting as the decision making person in your life and making choices and decisions about your quality of life.

Person-Centered Planning: A process that recognizes your strengths, interests, fears, and dreams and allows you to take charge of your future.

While you're in high school, there are a lot of support services available to you. Once you are in the adult world, a lot of those supports disappear and you are on your own so plan ahead.