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Graduation Options

Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues. ~Author Unknown

Graduation from high school with a regular diploma is the goal of most high school students. Graduation options may not be clear for students with a disability.

Graduation with High School Diploma

To graduate from high school with a regular diploma, you must complete all state and district class requirements.


You can graduate with a regular high school diploma that shows you passed all required classes.

Graduation with a regular high school diploma ends eligibility to special education and public education services. Graduation is a change of placement for a student with disabilities and requires prior written notice.

You and your IEP team may change graduation requirements. Changes and modifications must be documented in your IEP. This includes any substitutions and/or exemptions. The IEP team must refer to the USOE Special Education Graduation Guidelines (PDF) for additional information.

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Certificate of Completion

A student may earn a certificate of completion if they finished their senior year, are leaving school, and have not met all state and district requirements for a diploma. If you receive a certificate, you will still be eligible for special education services through your high school until you either earn a diploma or turn 22, whichever comes first.