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Individualized Education Program

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) is an annual plan that describes the educational program that has been developed by you and your IEP team to meet your needs. Developing your IEP creates a chance for you, your teachers, parents, school administrators, and other team members to work together. The IEP contains the supports and services you need to benefit from the general education program.

According to IDEA, your IEP will include the following:

  • Your present levels of performance and how your disability affects involvement and progress in your general educational classes.
  • Measurable annual goals, including academic and functional goals.
  • How your progress toward meeting your goals is to be measured and reported to your parents.
  • Special education services, related services, and supplementary aids that are provided.
  • Services to be provided, including when, where and for how long.
  • Program modifications or supports provided to school personnel on your behalf.
  • Reason you may not participate in regular classes.
  • Accommodations that are provided to you during assessments.
  • Transition Services must begin prior to your 16th birthday. The IEP must include measurable post-secondary goals based on age appropriate transition assessments.
  • By age 17, notice of transfer of any IDEA rights that come to you at age 18.
  • The signature of your IEP Team

Conduct all or part of your IEP meeting (Meeting Worksheet 1, Meeting Worksheet 2 or Meeting Worksheet 3). Share information about yourself, ask questions and listen to your team members. Make sure the team knows your dreams and what you want in the future. Talk about your successes and accomplishments. Give suggestions on ways you think you can be more successful.