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College Student Job Description

Becoming a successful student is very much like mastering a new job. In order to excel, it is necessary to know what is expected of you.

In college, a student is expected to:

  • Read and understand the college catalog.
  • Read and use the college class schedule (paper or on-line) as you register each semester.
  • Check with your major department for current information on requirements and curriculum.
  • Talk to an advisor about the required courses needed for your major.
  • Schedule classes so that the most effective learning can occur.
  • Allow adequate study time per week for each course.
  • Show satisfactory academic progress.
  • Assume responsibility for your own learning and education.
  • Make use of the college library (LRC).
  • Develop a plan for increasing your listening skills and improving study habits.
  • Take notes during classes.
  • Work collaboratively with other students.
  • Evaluate your own progress.
  • Attend all class sessions and be on time.
  • Complete all work when absent from class.
  • Read, understand, and follow the instructions in the course and district syllabi.
  • Complete reading and writing assignments in all classes.
  • Turn in assignments on time.
  • Complete work without cheating or committing plagiarism.
  • Actively participate in class.
  • Make appointments with professors during assigned office hours.
  • Exhibit respectful behavior at all times.