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Website Resources


  • Budget Building – Live Happily Within Your Means: Practical money skills are an important part of managing life. By handling your personal finances wisely, you can enjoy peace of mind, financial security, buying power, and freedom that will enhance the rest of your life.
  • Budget Calculator: Use this worksheet to get on top of your monthly living costs by projecting expenditures in various categories, and then comparing those projections to what you actually spend.
  • Budget Tracker Spreadsheet: Track each month's expenses with running totals for the year. It can easily be customized to fit your needs.
  • It All Adds Up: For teens and young adults to play online games and simulations to learn about credit management, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving and investing.
  • U.S. government's website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Throughout the site, you will find important information from 20 federal agencies government wide.
  • Personal Budget Worksheet: Monthly Income and Expense worksheet
  • Practical Money Skills For Life: Learn about Credit & Debt, Savings & Spending, Life Events and where to go for Expert Resources.
  • Weekly Expense Record: Weekly Individual Expense Record.

Financial Planning

  • Balance Financial Fitness Program: Financial education and counseling service committed to helping individuals and families nationwide take control of their finances and reach their goals. Many example forms for use in developing your own budget and financial management plan.
  • Money MSN: Information and forms on Savings and Debt, Retirement, Family and College, etc.
  • Utah Individual Development Account Network: Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matched savings accounts that enable low-income and low-wealth families to save, build assets, and enter the financial mainstream.

Money Management

  • American Consumer Credit Counseling: ACCC is dedicated in helping people regain control of their finances and plan for a debt free future. We provide professional financial solutions for consumers and their families including our inclusive debt management plan, budget counseling, financial resources and community education programs.
  • Caution: Landmines in the Grocery Store Ahead: Knowing what is what in your grocery cart can save you fat, calories, and even money.
  • Changing your life Through Better Money Management: Turning Your Dreams into Goals, Managing Your Money, Employment ABCs, Individual Development Accounts, Your Housing Options, Worksheets/Tips and Resources.
  • Federal Trade Commission – Credit and Loans: Information for you, whether you're shopping for a mortgage or auto loan, checking the accuracy of your credit report, dealing with debt collectors, or looking for ways to protect your personal financial information.
  • H.I.P. Pocket Change: Fun educational tool for students and teachers that generates interest in coins, the US Mint and US history for students K-6th grade.
  • The Mint: is packed with fun activities, games, challenges, quizzes and tests for students and teens, tips for parents, and entertaining programs and lesson plans for teachers. When it comes to helping kids be money smart, our ideas are minty fresh.
  • Money Management: Courses on money management, credit matters, home ownership, identity theft, etc. which includes a quiz and forms.
  • National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE): The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) is the only private, nonprofit, national foundation wholly dedicated to improving the financial well-being of all Americans, providing a wide range of free and low-cost activities and materials for people of all ages. One portal is directed to financial education for high school students.
  • PowerPay: Eliminate debt faster by making power payments. Check out spending plans, PowerSave, calculators and the education center.
  • Saving Money at the Grocery Store: Smart shopping at the grocery store can help you save money. But smart shopping is more than just clipping coupons and buying things on sale. It requires having a shopping strategy.
  • Savings Account Calculator: Calculator will figure out how much total money you will make.
  • Teen Consumer Scrapbook: Information on some money management basics.
  • Women's Fashion – How to shop for clothes: Clothes shopping doesn't have to be an impossible chore. These tips for smarter shopping will help you buy a better wardrobe by spending less time and money.
  • You Tube: Short videos on learning how to balance your checkbook, personal banking and finance tips.
  • Young Money: Money management for college students and young adults. Articles on budgeting, saving, spending, student discounts and student insurance.