Sewer line repair and replacement may seem like a daunting task, but not to plumbing experts. Most plumbing companies in Southern California offer modern Sewer Line Repair and Replacement services. Trenchless repair and replacement procedures for both commercial and residential properties

are now possible through state-of-the-art plumbing tools and equipment. 

Who needs sewer line repair or replacement?

Any property in Southern California that has a damaged sewer line will need a repair and replacement service. Property owners must be aware of the signs of sewer issues so that a plumbing professional could repair or replace them before matters get worse.

So what happens when a sewer line gets damaged? Expect unpleasant odors and an even messier home. The damaged sewer line will wreak havoc so act on the issue before it gets worse.

What causes sewer line damage?

There are several reasons why sewer lines would incur damage. Foremost though is wear and tear due to the aging of the sewer lines. So, it is possible that an older home or those that are built more than 20 years ago could have sewer line damage due to routine use.

Magnesium and calcium build-up over the years cause corrosion on the sewer pipes, giving way to damage due to normal wear and tear.

Tree roots can damage sewer lines  

Another common cause of sewer line damage is tree roots that crawl through the sewer. While property owners could partly avoid such a thing from occurring, buyers of a pre-owned home would not have control over such possibility.

Sewers made from clay are highly susceptible to tree root damage. Most older homes still make use of clay sewers, and so when roots wrap them up and they crack, the tree roots get all the more attracted into the sewer area since it emits moisture.

Clogs due to grease and other foreign objects

Badly clogged drainage pipes can negatively affect sewer pipes. Since sewers are only designed for handling human waste and flushable toilet paper, any foreign object that is not human waste and toilet paper could clog drains. Drain clogs in effect damage sewer lines, and cause sewers to get damage, back-up, or both.

Extreme Cold or Extreme Heat

Sewer lines may also incur damage due to exposure to harsh temperatures such as extreme cold or extreme heat. Pipe or line bursting can occur when sewer lines are subjected to any extreme temperature, weather-related, or otherwise.